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  • Mercer Island Youth Football
  • Seattle Youth Football
  • Renton Youth Football
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  • Puget Sound Youth Football
  • Bothell Youth Football
  • Woodinville Youth Football


Dr. Herring
"at any middle school, HS and even most colleges, this is by far and away the best and most progressive program keeping the health and safety of the player in the forefront."
Parent - Sean Kurth
"Just want to tell you that we miss the program. EC football had one of the best youth programs we have had the pleasure to be associated with.  Everyone from you to the coaches to the equipment people were top notch.  Ryan still wears his jersey to school here in Florida and wears his EC socks during practices.  Good luck with the upcoming season.
Faith, Family, Eastside!
Sean Kurth
Congrats on HS winning State title last year