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Frequently asked questions

Q.        Do I have to attend Eastside Catholic to cheer for ECJF?
A.        No, we are open to all cheerleaders.
Q.        What do you mean by faith-centered?
A.        In a practical sense, it means we pray before our games. In a larger sense, it means we profess our faith in the way the coaches, players and fans conduct themselves both on and off the field.
Q.        Do I have to be religious to cheer for ECJF?
A.        No. ECJF is open to all religions and creeds. We do ask that all cheerleaders bow their heads in respect during the pre-game prayer and all cheerleaders will be held to the same standard of conduct.
Q.        What is the age limit?
A.        ECJF Cheer is open to anyone in 2nd through 8th grade.
Q.        How long is the season?
A.        The season runs from the first Monday in August through approximately the first week in November.

Q.        What other equipment will we need?
A.        Cheerleaders will need to supply their own all white cheer shoes and white no-show socks.
Q.        Where and when do you practice and cheer for games?
A.        Practices and home games are held at Eastside Catholic School, 232 228th Avenue SE, Sammamish, WA 98074. Games are played on Saturdays.  Practices are 5 nights a week for the first few weeks of August and drops to twice a week through the remainder of the season.  While it’s ideal to have the cheerleaders attend all of the practices the first few weeks of August, we do know that people have vacation plans, etc that can conflict.
Q.        What does it cost to cheer?
A.        The cost to register is $150 and does not include the uniform.  We’ll do uniform fittings in early June and the total cost for the uniform is roughly $250 and is paid for separately.  Uniforms and cheer gear will be ordered and paid for separately and the girls will keep their uniforms and pom-poms at the end of the season.
Q.        Is there financial assistance available?
A.        ECJF does provide full or partial need-based scholarships. Please see the Scholarship page under the Registration tab of this website.
Q.        This sounds fantastic! What can I do to help?
A.        GREAT question! ECJF is a 100 percent volunteer organization with all of our funds going back into the program. We have a constant need for volunteers to help with everything from cheer coaching to concessions.