Age/Weight Chart
The Northwest Junior Football League (NJFL) is an age and weight restricted league and uses the following table to assign players to teams:

Please Note:​​​
A player's "League Age" is their age as of July 31st. ​​

To determine your child's team, take his age as of the next upcoming July 31st and go across until you find the highest weight that he is currently under. For example; if your child is 12 years old as of next July 31st and weighs 125 pounds, he would register for the Junior team.

  • A player may not play above his weight class. 
  • All players are weighed at the pre-season Jamboree.
  • Players who are within 3 pounds of the weight cap for their age group are required to weigh in again mid-season (with 5 pounds grace).
  • Players not within 3 pounds of their weight cap are not required to weigh-in for the remainder of the season.
Registration Information