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Who we are

ECJF is a faith-centered junior football program headquartered in Sammamish, Washington. The program was founded in 2004 to provide a place where parochial and private school students could play junior football with their friends without any geographic restrictions. The program has expanded its base well beyond private school students and welcomes anyone who is seeking the ECJF’s unique brand of football.
Our program is modeled on the belief, “that a player’s character is just as important as his ability”. Abusive or profane behavior is not tolerated by anyone involved in ECJF and the importance of player’s getting and keeping on top of their academic studies is constantly reinforced by the coaching staffs.
ECJF is a proud member of the Northwest Junior Football League (NJFL) which is an age and weight restricted league with teams from Seattle to Mill Creek.
ECJF is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation.


A Message from the President

At ECJF, we aspire to be a different kind of junior football program. Our Touchstones are Faith, Family, Football and Fun. First and foremost, we are focused on providing a positive experience for all of our families. We strive to make sure that our players are well grounded in the fundamentals of the sport which helps to prevent injuries, increases their enjoyment of the game and prepares them to play at the next level if they so choose.
All of our participants, from our coaches and parents to our players, cheerleaders and fans, abide by the same Golden Rule: Behave in a first-class manner at all times. Strict adherence to this rule has made ECJF remarkably free of the bad behaviors that plague many programs. You will not hear profanity or witness abusive coaching, poor sportsmanship or any other inappropriate behavior from any of our participants. 
ECJF is also well ahead of other youth football programs with regards to player safety. Our Eastside Crusaders – Concussion Awareness & Prevention Program (EC-CAPP©) puts us on the leading edge of this important subject. Our attention to the causes and prevention of concussions has been successful in greatly reducing the incidence of concussions among our participants (for more information, please see the EC-CAPP page under the SAFETY tab at the top of this page).
Please take a moment to explore our website. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me at mike@eastsidejuniorfootball.org

Mike Shigley
Eastside Crusaders Junior Football